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Cedar Bundle

Cedar Bundle
  • Cedar Bundle
  • Cedar Bundle

Ethically sourced and harvested cedar bundles; cedar is a medicine of protection. Used during rituals and prayer ceremonies, it works as both a purifier and as a way to attract good energy.

Cedar 12” Smudge Bundle: Provides grounding and joy when involved with personal transformation whether internal or external and it allows you to ‘be’ in the present moment.

Burning instructions:
Light the bundle from the top end and blow out. Walk around and allow the wand to smoulder. After smudging it's best to lay it in a fireproof bowl or abalone shell to let burn out. Once done, snuff out the fire against the fireproof bowl or shell.

Make sure that a smudge stick is COMPLETELY out before leaving the area unattended.

Keep out of reach of children, animals and flammable material.

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